Heschel RoboHawks Win Recognition at Tournament

Dear All,


The younger team (4th and-5th graders) was recognized with a trophy for being "rising stars" as they scored 7th out of 30 teams!  We are proud of their teamwork!


The judges also recognized the older team (6th and 7th graders) with a trophy for the best research for their project!  The project supports the work of the Frozen Zoo where they are re-programming skin cells from endangered species into embryonic cells.  They then freeze these cells until a time when the technology will be advanced enough to implant these embryos into surrogate mothers to reproduce these almost extinct animals.  

There are only 3 Northern White Rhinos left in the entire world and their cells are preserved at the Frozen Zoo.


Sometimes, the animals have an abnormal number of chromosomes and then those cells cannot be used to be preserved.  Rhinos have 82 chromosomes, but one of the three remaining rhinos has only 81 chromosomes.  The image which allows scientists to see these chromosomes is called a "karyotype."


The older team (6-8 graders) built a website, 


which allows students to access the unsorted chromosome images and match the chromosomes and return the completed image, the karyotype, back into the website, where the scientists can use them.


The younger team designed and produced a comic book which tells the same story about the Rhinos, with each of the characters representing each of the team members. 


We are proud of the RoboHawks’ teamwork, creativity, and knowledge. Thank you to the coaches, teachers, parents, and grandparents who help to make this possible.



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