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Reading, writing, listening and speaking, math, literature, science and social studies, Hebrew language, Judaic studies, physical education, technology, and a rich variety of classes and electives in the visual and performing arts, including music, art, and dance, comprise a challenging curriculum offered at Heschel.



Walking through campus at  Heschel, we see kindergarten students returning from a walk carrying leaves they’ve collected. They will examine, sort, and describe their leaves, and then write stories about their walk. A peek into the first grade rooms finds the children excited to place the newest page into their personal siddur (prayerbook). They study the language and the meaning of the prayer, and discuss the connection between its key value and their lives. Second grade students take turns stepping up to the SMARTBoard as they touch a continent and slide it into place on the world map, at the same time, making note of their ancestors’ place of origin. Students in third grade are sorting gently used coats and blankets for their partner school, the Para Los Ninos Charter School in downtown Los Angeles, while cooperative groups are discussing their research about our city and its history: Los Angeles, Then and Now.


Heschel buzzes with productive noise...

The elementary science lab is filled with productive noise as fourth grade students work with partners assembling their model cars and experimenting with different types of force. Students take projects outside to study the connection between weight and gravity (see video above).  A fifth grade PE/yoga class moves and balances to soft music and dimmed lighting in our beautiful Heschel Hall gym. Later in the afternoon, the fifth graders will tip off in a basketball game as they play another school in the San Fernando Valley Private School League.

Middle School students have gathered in the Beit Midrash to celebrate a classmate in the days before her Bat Mitzvah. Through prayer, song, and personal tributes, her community honors and acknowledges the unique impact she has on their lives. Seventh grade students have designed a medieval castle following their study of its origins, purpose, and history. One eighth grade student sits alone with his advisor, preparing his D’var Torah, which he will present at an upcoming staff meeting. Groups of eighth graders are together to debate current issues on the political scene and discuss their trips to the East Coast and to Israel. Their trips will culminate with a photo essay display for the community, based upon the themes of tradition and memory, security, community, and diversity.


Collaboration is key...              

Administrators and faculty members in the Elementary School, Middle School, General Studies, Judaic and Hebrew Studies departments work together to provide a rich, dual-curricular education, preparing our students to be inspired learners, compassionate human beings, and leaders of the future. We work in close partnership with our families to continually assess our progress and achieve our goals.



"We teach music education using an active, experiential approach. Children engage their minds and bodies in singing, dancing, acting, improvisation, and playing a variety of instruments, gaining an understanding of the elements of music."


--Paula Riley
Asst. Head of School
Elementary School Director


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