Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement


Partnerships matter

Central to the school’s philosophy is the emphasis on working in close partnership with our families. Heschel maintains that the key to success lies in a strong partnership among students, teachers, parents, and administrators. As in any partnership, there are responsibilities on all sides.


Educational research demonstrates that students perform better on average when their teachers and parents are in communication and agreement; students whose parents take an active role in their child’s education generally succeed both academically and socially.


Parents are encouraged to participate in school activities. As a school, we do our best to provide opportunities that accommodate a variety of familial structures and parent schedules. From the Parent Organization to chaperoning fieldtrips to serving on the Board of Directors and/or Board committees, our parent body is provided with a wide variety of opportunities to become involved. In the elementary grades, parents are asked to volunteer to assist on programs and special interest days.


Working parents aid in the preparation of materials at home, provide special assistance at holiday celebrations, and work on Parent Organization committees. Email communication provides all parents with an easily accessible mode of communication regarding school activities and events regardless of personal schedules.


The Heschel Parent Organization… every parent is a member.



The Heschel Parent Organization is the volunteering body that focuses on creating an extended family within our Heschel community and on providing additional financial support for school endeavors.


Events such as the Kindergarten Progressive Dinner, Grade Level Parent Fun Nights, New Family Mentor Program, and summer get-togethers encourage our families to develop and strengthen friendships. Mitzvah Day and Super Sunday involve both the students and the parents in community service projects to assist those outside our school.


Every Heschel parent is a member of the Parent Organization and is encouraged to participate. It is not unusual that lifelong friendships are made through involvement in the Parent Organization. This is a wonderful way to meet other parents while providing an invaluable service which benefits the children and the community.






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