Heschel 5th through 8th grade students may participate in the following intramural sports each year:






Basketball & Soccer Basketball & Volleyball


Football, Basketball & Soccer Basketball & Volleyball


Football, Basketball & Soccer Soccer, Basketball & Volleyball


Football, Basketball, Soccer & Volleyball Soccer, Basketball & Volleyball


Physical education is an integral part of the Heschel curriculum. Students not only learn athletic skills, but also develop lifelong habits and interests. An important goal of the program is to develop an appreciation for fitness, along with a repertoire of enjoyable lifetime fitness activities including flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, strength development, and neuromuscular skills. The physical education program promotes sports with kavod (honor): self esteem, respect for others, leadership, and fair play.  


Heschel has a proud history of participation in the San Fernando Valley Private School League.  The Heschel Hawkeyes have won many championships, as evidenced by the blue-and-white banners that decorate the perimeter of Heschel Hall. 


Heschel athletes have earned more than 50 championship banners in sports including soccer, basketball, and football. Each year many male and female athletes make the commitment required to continue this fine tradition. As students collaborate with teammates, negotiate substantive relationships, and learn to appreciate the contributions of others for the greater good, they wrestle with how humans treat each other. On the athletic field, these skills are useful; for a lifetime they are essential.


A specialized dual program has been put in place to meet the needs and interests of all Middle School students. Students not involved in the after school team sports program maintain a vigorous physical fitness and sports skills program with a Physical Education curriculum designed to challenge and develop creativity. 


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