Thank You to Our Heschel Donors


We are grateful to our donors for their generous gifts to Heschel.
List as of 12.4.18 and in alphabetical order.



Anonymous (12)
Dina and Jerry Agam
Megan and Nate Akiva
Adi and Michael Alfandari
Alpert and Alpert Foundation
Shani and Jeremy Amen
Rebecca and Andrew Apfelberg
Sharon and Barak Arbel
Edye and Harold Ash
Jamie ('98) and Rami Assouline
Annie ('96) and Scott Austin
Sue and Eytan Avisar
Jenny and Yigal Avrahamy
Bahiye Fakhouri and Brian Bakhani
Adam Banuelos
Melissa Beck
Phyllis and Sanford Beim
Elle Elrom Benami and Mayan ('92) Benami
Sonia Benjamin
Sarit and Rami Ben-Moshe
Regina and Alexander Berkovich
Osnat and Yariv Bernstein
Sandra Bernstein
Debra Bianculli and Dominic Quagliozzi
Yoanna and Josh ('90) Binder
Garrett Bledy ('15)
Michael Blum
Lisa and Randy Bondar
Susan ('82) Kussin and Gregory Bordo
Elaine and Gerald Braffman
Toni and William Breindel
Karen ('87) and Ron Brigel
Debbie and Dr. Jason ('84) Bromberg
Janet and David Brown
Rebecca and Gabriel Brown
Natalie and Amit Bustan
Sharon and Yossi Camu
Gary Charlestein
Jorge Cherbosque
Arielle and Zachary Chesler
Debi and Andy Chesler
Erin and KC Clyde
Emily Coddington and Adam Cohen
Ariyela Wald-Cohain and BZ Cohain
Deborah and Robert Cohen
Dganit and Tamir Cohen
Jeri and Ira Cohen
Melanie and Marc Cohen
Mimi and Jonathan ('01) Cohen
Ronit and Michael Cohen
Vered and Ofer Cohen
Brad and Krystal ('98) Combs
Linda and Michael Combs
Leslie and Brian Cox
Melissa and Richard Darwish
Sharon and Brian Davidoff
Talia and Warren ('92) Davidoff
Alyce and Philip de Toledo
Sarit and David ('03) Derin
Sylvie and Mark Deutsch
Adrienne and James Dickman
Dayle and Charles Dolginer
Marci ('80) and Marc Dollinger
Kathleen and Gil Dor
Ofra and Yoram Dor
Claire and Christopher Doyle
Noreen Green Drew and S. Ian Drew
Judy and Leslie Eber
Allison Edwards
Elaine and Edward Epstein
Arieh R. Fagan ('13)
Fran and Neil Fagen
Felicia and Joey Fallas
Janet and Jake Farber
Rebekah and Howard Farber
Sarah Sturm and Benjamin Farris
Stephanie and Gregory Federbush
Nancy Miller and Allan Feinberg
Toby and Aaron Feit
Gillian and Adam Feldman
Mariela and Jonathan Feldman
Joanne Fine
Jamie Fink
Rina and Avi Finkelstein
Jackie ('86) and Allan Fisher
Alisa ('96) and Jonathan Foreman
Phyllis Foreman
Sylvia Freeman
Sandra Kossacoff and Howard Fullman
Karen Furie
Paola and Alvaro Gancman
Karen Gorodetzky and Joe Genier
Michelle and Dror Gerad
Robin and Gary Gertler
Nicole and Amir Giladi
Marit ('92) and Dan Gilbert
Judy and Jack Gindi
Caren Gitlin
Melissa and Dan Glasser
Hagit Weiler-Gold and Eran Gold
Dalia and Larry Goldberg
Doris and Sam Goldberg
Maureen and Harry Goldberg
Molly and Mark Goldberg
Natalie and David Goldberg
Sara and Sharon Goldin
Keren and David Goldman
Lesley and Larry Goldman
Vera and Gerry Goldman
Lisa and Ezra Goldschlager
Maya Goldschlager
Dorit and Emanuel Goldshide
Eve and Cary Goldstein
Cheryl and Steve Golub
Jamie Gomer
Linda and Jeff Goodrich
Jennifer and Keith Gore
Beth and Jan Goren
Romi and Eric ('98) Goren
Julie and David Gottlieb
Alyson and Kenneth ('87) Graiwer
Joyce and Adam Grant
Joni and Barry Greenberg
Dianna and Scott Greene
Felicia ('87) and Dr. Jason Greenspan
Joyce and Mike Greenspan
Jackie and Offer ('98) Grinwald
Susan and Howard Groff
Rivka Weinberg and Zev Gruman
Marisela and Rafael Hernandez
Maya Hersh
Christina and Andrew Holman
Alison and Etan Kelman
Tali and Israel Jackont
Daniel Jaffe
Madeleine and Yossi Jakubovits
Amy and Peter Jamieson
Linda and David Kagel
Rachel, Bill, Noah ('13), and Rebecca ('15) Kaplan
Danielle Karta and Timothy Fontaine
Debbie and Steve Katz
Kayne Anderson 
Toby Kirsch
Zelma Kiwi
Barbara and Rabbi Chanan Klaristenfeld
Lori Klein ('81) and Rick Hasen
Arielle Kligman ('11)
Dana and Larry ('85) Kligman 
Jonah Kligman ('18)
Jordan Kligman ('15)
Lenny Kligman
Sarit and Ishai Klir
Belinda and Jeffrey Kobulnick
Amy ('87) and Jon Konheim
Jenny Kopelioff
Fanny and Alex Koyman
Chen and Ran Krebs
Marcie Kullback
Katja and David Kwiat
Sonya and Andrew Kwiat
Ina and David Labowitz
Lynne and Jeff ('82) Lainer
Lisa Lainer-Fagan ('81) and Brian Fagan
Linda and Lewis Landau
Lynette and Max Langman
Ilene and Howard Lappin
Noemi and Aric ('82) Lasky
Nadine and Steve Lavender
Lorne Lavine
Natalie Lavine
Alice and Kye Lee
Dikla and Gal Lemberger
Sandra and Erez Leshem
Maya and Kobi Levi
Galeet and Ron Levy
June and Neill Levy
Ayelet Liani-Bazon
Michelle and Marc Lindner
Inbal and Amnon Lisbona
Gabriela and Elie Litov
Sharon and Roberto Litwak
Karmit and Marc Lowenstein
Karen Macarah and Dan Freedman
Flora Ghalchi and Siyoun Madadshahi
Sharona and Arjomand Madadshahi
Stacey and Mark Maitre
Galit ('98) and Scott Mantell
Marilyn and Steven Markenson
Lara Martin
Micaela Martin ('10)
Amy and Harold Masor
Shannon and Jack Massachi
Maayan and Adi McAbian
Michelle and Gary Merritt
Anna and Michael Metrose
Barbara and Danny Meyers
Lisa Meyers
Margarethe and Jack Mickel
Felicia ('95) and Michael Miller
Iris and Amnon Mizrahi
Sima Mizrahi
Efrat and Omri Moalem
Tamara Modilevsky
Pattie Montgomery and Pete McCabe
Jacqueline and Raphael Nach
Barbra and Paul ('84) Neinstein 
Debbie Neinstein
Jeff  Neinstein ('81) and Ray Joyce
Roseanna Ohanian
Anat and Lior Oren
Doris and Hector Ortiz
Stacy ('82) and Bryan Palbaum
Nancy and Daniel ('83) Pardo
Shannon Parker
Danissa and Lorenzo Paz
Jodi and Pete Pearlman
Jodi and Greg Perlman
Susan Pasternak and Larry Picus
Jill and Christopher Prouty
Marilyn and Walter Prouty
Prudential Foundation
Robin and Jake Ptasznik
Sorin Puchiu
Wendy and Benjamin Radd
Justine Raoof
Holly and Deven Rasey
Darri Ravitz
Kathy and Peter Reynolds
Paula Riley
Renee and Greg Robitshek
Malkie and Jason ('91) Rodin 
Moran and Boaz Roduler
Lori and Barry Rose
Brittany and Ryan ('94) Rosen
Chrisie Rosenthal
Polina and Brian Ross
Adele and Alan Rubin
Jeff ('88) and Dove Rudman
Lorilei Safran and Michael Weiss
Cara and Robert Sagal
Danielle Wank and Nadim Said
Lisa and Scott Saliman
Dalia and Jason Samansky
Ivanka Samuelson
Yolanda and Felix Sanchez
Robyn and Matt Scelza
Debra and Scott Schaffer
Kim and Darryl Schall
Melisa Schechter
Natalie and Jeff Schenck
Daniel Schochet
Sarah and Michael Schultz
Amanda and Jeremy Schwartz
Marion Schwartz
Kim and Stephen ('88) Schwarz
Diane and Amos Schwarz
Krystal Scime
Barbara Segal
Alisha and Rabbi Ahud Sela
Orly Setareh
Gail and Stephen Shapiro
Lynn and Scott Shapiro
Shira and Moshe Shefi
Lauren and Anton Sher
Linda Sheridan
Deborah and Sergio Shkurovich
Beverly and Bob Shpall
Ravit and Avi Sinay
Jessica and Jeff Skobin
Romelia and Alan Skobin
Racquel and Mark Small
Bonnie Smigel-Derin and Greg Derin
Leslie and Robert Spellman
Evan Stanoff
Lynn and Jeffrey Stein
Beverly Sterman
Rachel and Ken Storms
Angie and Shlomi Suliman
Felicity and Jonathan Swerdlow
Marcy ('93) and Doran Tajkef
Maytal and Tomer Tal
Joyce and Irving Tessler
Susan and Richard Tier
Aytan Turgeman
Judy and Mark Tzalka
Marlene Varnen
Bonnie and Rabbi David Vorspan
Jessica Walch
Rebecca and Todd Waldman
Therri Donnelly-Wall and Rick Wall
Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
Stephanie and Michael ('85) Weisberg
Rabbi Scott Westle
Shelley Whizin
Elissa and Matthew Windisch
Rachel and Terence Winter
Susie and Noam Witenberg
Katrina and Ted Wolfe
Shayna Woods and Kevin Shacter
Kelli Youngblood and Greg Rubinson
Liran and Oded Zemach
Ronit and Noam Ziv
Patricia Zoccano







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