Lainer Library


The Lainer Library is a welcoming, vibrant, and well-utilized space in which a love of reading is clearly evident. 


Books and More Books.

The collection consists of approximately 5,000 fiction and 7,000 non-fiction volumes that target students in grades TK-8. The library program supports and complements the educational programs by providing materials for class projects, reports, and units of study.  




We also have over 300 reference books, a balance between general and Judaic. All library resources are electronically catalogued which students use to locate books and resources. With over 800 books in circulation each week and 120 students using the library on a daily basis, the Lainer Library is a constant hub of activity on campus. 

  You may search the library using this online catalogue.


Our library has been previously transfomed into an art gallery, showcasing students artwork created in direct response to Holocaust survivor and artist David Labkovski and Heschel's participation in the David Labkovski Project. 


The library program introduces students to literature and non-fiction materials appropriate to their reading and maturity levels and the curricular needs of the school program. Students in grades TK-5 have scheduled library classes (TK-2, every week; 3-5, every other week). During this time, the students meet with the librarian for a lesson and a book check-out period.  Middle School students have "office hour" periods scheduled several times each week and they have full access to the library at these times.  In addition, the library is open during nutrition, part of the lunch period, and after school until 3:45PM. 

Want to add to the collection and honor your child's birthday at the same time? Click here to to learn more about the Birthday Book program.



"Cover your bookcases with rugs and linens of fine quality; preserve them from dampness and mice and injury; for it is your books that are your true treasures."


--Ibn Tibbon (1120-1190)
Spanish Jewish scholar


Make a gift  to the Lainer Library. It is a beautiful way to pay tribute to a friend or to memorialize a loved one.

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