Heschel is committed to providing your child with a world-class technology experience.  We have a robust, fiber-optic network and business-class fiber internet connection that is built to handle whatever the future brings.  Combined with a campus-wide, secure wireless network, Heschel has the infrastructure to deliver an unparelleled technology curriculum.


Students use laptops in the classroom to explore new technology and programs.

It's easy to create magic with our green screen!

In the Elementary School

3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade students are assigned one-to-one Chromebooks for the year in classroom. 

The fundamental goal of the technology curriculum in the Elementary School is to guide students toward competency in the appropriate use of computer resources, to enrich their learning, and to increase their productivity in all areas of their school work. The technology program helps elementary students develop the skills and competencies necessary to use technologies to support all areas of learning in order to prepare them for the complex world of the 21st century.


Technology in the classroom begins early with cutting edge smart boards.


Primary grade students use computers to enhance and enrich the classroom curriculum through carefully planned integration with each teacher’s instructional program. In addition to keyboarding skills, students use computers for beginning word processing, graphics applications, and for carefully guided internet research to enrich their classroom activities. Students also learn how to navigate our school’s Local Area Network (LAN), to save to the Cloud / Google, and to use name and password security features as part of their routine work with technology.  Heschel students are taught the principles of computer safety and etiquette early on and this learning is reinforced throughout their Heschel years.


The Elementary School utilizes SMART technology throughout the TK to 5th grade classrooms and the elementary science center.  Learning is both fun and memorable when classes engage in exercises such as brainstorming and "dragging" sentences into sequential order to create logical paragraphs with "hands on" beginnings, middles, and ends.



In the Middle School

Students love Robotics where they can practice building and programming


The Middle School is at the forefront of technology with our implementation of Haiku, an online learning management system that enables students to collaborate interactively. Haiku is a great tool for working with GoogleDocs and WikiProjects offering further collaborative content creation and sharing.


SMARTBoard technology is installed throughout the Middle School. History comes alive with the use of SMARTBoards for interactive lessons in the study of the Renaissance, the Civil War, and the Holocaust, while mathematics can literally be visualized. SMARTBoard features such as interactive rulers, protractors, dice, fraction kits, probability games, graphing templates, and clocks are regularly integrated into prepared lessons from educational sites, and our own teacher designed lessons, enhancing math instruction across all grade levels.


Here students practice coding in our Media Center. 


The Middle School technology curriculum empowers students with the skills and competencies necessary to use computers and related technologies. In collaboration with both general and Judaic studies coursework, computers are utilized as tools to enhance and enrich the curriculum.

In conjunction with academic coursework, all students use word processing, spreadsheets, graphing, and presentation programs. Research skills are developed using the Internet and other technologies available in our library. Students are required to check their emails daily and to demonstrate ongoing improvement in keyboarding skills. The e-Text keyboarding system electronically tracks keyboard rates and levels of accuracy to allow teachers and students to monitor progress.


The goal of full, appropriate integration of technology into Middle School courses is accomplished through designated projects that will serve the students well into the future.



We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.

-- David Warlick – Author and programmer.


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