Middle School

Middle School


The decision to select a school for a middle school-age child is difficult when faced with the choice of a 6th through 8th grade middle school and a 7th through 12th grade school configuration. Although the convenience of settling in to a school for six years can be tempting, important benefits are derived from Heschel's Middle School setting. Middle School coincides with a unique developmental stage for children who demonstrate a broad range of behaviors and levels of maturity. We embrace and preserve this precious time of childhood by providing a place where it’s safe to be a kid, to fumble, and to learn from one's mistakes. We work hard and take pride in graduating highly capable students who are adaptable, confident, purposeful, and above all successful and happy.





We provide comprehensive advisor/advisee programs, academic electives, varied exploratory classes, and numerous opportunities to develop leadership skills. Musical theater, technology, research, oral presentations, simulations, and a variety of other programs in our middle school often lead to increased aptitudes, expansion of interests, and even lifetime careers. Not surprisingly, research has validated that the strategies we utilize - interdisciplinary teaching, a varied and flexible individualized schedule, cooperative group work, hands-on learning, guidance in study skills, and ongoing interactions with caring adults - are crucial motivators for developing youth.




While we expend significant energy in helping each student to look within and gain clarity about her or his thought processes and social-emotional functioning, we also guide them to recognize the world beyond themselves. Our students engage in individualized and community-wide service work, they encounter various types of people and places via our field trips and overnight trips, and, on a daily basis, they are part of a school and program that values a global outlook.



8th graders may choose to attend a class trip to the East Coast or Israel.


Learning about cultural and socio-economic differences and the very different realities for people in our local community and throughout the world are key elements in our overall program. This broadening of perspective contributes to our students' empathy for others, their appreciation for all they have, and their ability to thoughtfully consider who they wish to be as they grow and evolve. Moreover, their developing identities are infused with the Jewish values and traditions that we recognize, honor and relate to life in the 21st century.


  Students visit the Jewish Home for the Aging where, along with the residents, Heschel 7th graders packed hygiene kits to be distributed to homeless families through LA Family Housing.






Emily Coddington
Middle School Director


View the Middle School Course of Study here.


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