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Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School, enrolling 361 students in TK (transitional kindergarten) through grade eight, is a community Jewish day school serving children from a variety of backgrounds. Located in the San Fernando Valley, Heschel provides a rich dual-curricular education that encourages independent and critical thinking, lifelong learning, self-awareness, and compassion. In the elementary school (TK-5) and in the middle school (6-8) instruction in both general and Judaic studies is geared to inspire academic excellence and provide opportunities for leadership.


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Q1. What is meant by a community Jewish day school?

A. Heschel prides itself on its affiliation as a community day school. This means that we are not aligned with any particular synagogue or religious movement; rather, we seek to embrace students and their families from across the Jewish spectrum. We work to build understanding and collaboration among Jews with different beliefs and practices: to establish a true community. Our goal is to develop respect for and comfort with all levels of practice.

Q2. Do I need to belong to a synagogue to apply?

A. Synagogue affiliation is not required for admission to our school. Our student body represents the full spectrum of Judaism and includes children and families who make choices commensurate with their values and lifestyle. Many of our families do belong to synagogues across the San Fernando Valley and in the greater Los Angeles area.

Q3. What are some of the differences between Heschel and other schools?

A. Heschel shares many of the same characteristics of highly respected, private, independent schools. Experienced educators and administrators, specialized staff as early as kindergarten (e.g. language, art, music, and physical education), small class size, and an individualized approach are all valued components of our school. A main difference between Heschel and other private and public schools is that in addition to a general curriculum, we provide a pluralistic Jewish education serving the needs of Jewish families of all denominations and styles of Jewish expression. Another unique feature of Heschel is our integrated curriculum, which exposes children to many components of Jewish tradition throughout the day including Hebrew language, prayer, culture, art, history, and geography. By infusing Jewish culture, traditions, and values throughout the school day, we inspire our students to become active, dedicated, and ethical leaders of the future.

Q4. How does the school balance the demands of both a general and a Judaic curriculum within each school day?

A. Our school days are very full. In addition to a challenging general studies schedule, students experience Hebrew and Judaic studies daily. Additionally, whenever appropriate, themes and concepts are taught utilizing an integrated approach. For example, when studying an upcoming holiday, discussion takes place in Hebrew and in English. Students may produce a related art project, utilizing math, science, music, literature and the visual arts in their planning and execution. Judaic studies are viewed as yet another opportunity to foster independent and critical thinking, and promote meaningful community service. Our graduates successfully move on to the finest schools. They excel academically and have a clear understanding of the importance of making a positive difference in the world.

Q5. To which schools do Heschel students matriculate?

A. We are proud to say that our graduates move on to a variety of respected independent and public schools, including:

Archer School for Girls
Brentwood School
The Buckley School
Calabasas High School
Campbell Hall
Cleveland Humanities Magnet
de Toledo High School
Granada Hills Charter High School
Harvard-Westlake School
Marlborough School for Girls
Milken Community High School
Oak Park High School
Oakwood School
Viewpoint School


Our alumni also attend many prestigious colleges. View them here.

Q6. What if my child doesn't speak Hebrew?

A. Hebrew instruction offers maximum flexibility as we group students according to their level of understanding. In addition to grade level classes, groups are formed at the introductory level, and for advanced or native speakers. Beginning in transitional kindergarten, Hebrew is taught “immersion style” and includes song, dance, art, drama, and conversation. Research shows that second language learners gain greater academic achievement in other areas of study, interestingly, in math and music, to name just two examples.

Q7. What about lunch? What if my family does not keep kosher?

A. The Heschel community is comprised of homes where kashrut is observed and those where it is not. This is the nature of being a community day school. At Heschel, therefore, the kashrut policy respects our tradition while allowing all Jewish people to eat on our campus regardless of their personal home observance. Students may bring dairy or pareve food for lunch or snack. In addition, they may bring lunch that includes kosher meat foods that either have a kosher hechsher or come from a package that has a kosher hechsher. Meat lunches should have no dairy products included. Additionally, hot lunch, provided by a kosher caterer and including meat choices, is available to students five days a week at an additional cost. Click to read our kashrut guidelines.

Q8. Does Heschel offer transportation/bus service?

A. Heschel is proud to offer roundtrip bus service at an additional cost. We are currently in our 16th year providing this service. We currently pick up and drop off over 1/3 of our students at clustered locations throughout the San Fernando Valley. Current stops include Valley Village, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Encino, Woodland Hills, West Hills, and Calabasas on four buses. Our bus stop locations are reevaluated annually depending on the interest and locations of our families.

Q9. What is the yearly tuition?

A. While mindful of economic realities, tuition is an investment in your child’s future. Please refer to our tuition page for tuition and fees.

Financial assistance is available. If you are interested in receiving information, please contact Amy Jamieson, Director of Finance and Operation  at 818.368.5781 x 301 or

Q10. What is the deadline to apply for admission?

A. The deadline to apply for admission for the 2018-2019 school year is January 19, 2018.  For more information please call Lara Martin, Director of Admission, at 818.368.5781 or email

Q11. How do I get more information and an application for admission?

A. For Open House information, to arrange a private tour, or discuss any questions please contact Lara Martin, Director of Admission, at 818.368.5781 x 510 or email







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