Financial Assistance FAQ

Financial Assistance FAQ

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Q1. Does applying for financial assistance reduce chances of admission?

A.   The Admission Committee reviews candidates for admission without knowing whether or not they are applying for assistance. The most compelling candidates are referred to the Tuition Assistance Committee to determine financial need. In many cases, these families are granted financial assistance awards. As awards are granted and funding becomes limited, applicants requesting financial assistance will be placed on a waiting list with the hope that space and funding become available after the first round of decisions.

Q2. Do I need to reapply for financial assistance each year?

A.  Families must reapply for financial assistance each year. If there is little or no change in the family circumstances, a family can expect that a financial assistance award will be renewed around the same level, bearing in mind that any tuition increase will be shared between the family and Heschel. If there is a significant increase in family need, Heschel will seek to accommodate that need. Likewise, if the family's need decreases, the appropriate adjustment will be made to the financial assistance recipient to reflect the family's increased ability to contribute to their student's educational expenses. 


Q3. What if parents are divorced or separated?

A.  In cases of divorced parents, we need the same documentation from both parents, regardless of court ordered custody or support. Heschel cannot be bound by the assertion that one parent has disclaimed responsibility for educational expenses. If a custodial parent has remarried, the Tuition Assistance Committee will consider the assets of the stepparent; however, the Committee will also bear in mind the stepparent's obligations to his or her other children. In addition, Heschel cannot be bound by the assertion that each household is responsible for half the cost of education and therefore, one household should be considered for financial assistance. Both households are required to submit the financial assistance application, and the Committee will determine financial need based on both households' financial circumstances. 


Q4. Are there exceptions to the above policy?

A.  Requests to consider extenuating circumstances (such as a missing parent or one who has not provided support and has not been in contact with the family for a lengthy period) should be explained in writing in a letter to the Business Office. 


Q5. I already have a full-pay child at the school, but do not have the resources to pay for a younger sibling. What do I do?

A. You must apply for assistance at the time the younger sibling applies for admission. The financial assistance application must be for both children, and if the younger child is admitted and you qualify for assistance, both children will receive a separate tuition grant.


Q6. It would be tough for us to afford Heschel. Should I use up savings and/or borrow to make things work without assistance for a year or two and then request assistance if I cannot?

A.  The school strongly discourages this approach. When a family submits a “full-pay” application to the school, this communicates that the family will be capable of covering all educational costs for the upcoming year and the foreseeable future. The School budgets in reliance upon this and commits its limited financial assistance funds to other families. Although the School maintains modest emergency funds for families that request assistance subsequent to admission, those funds are strictly reserved for families that encounter dramatic, unforeseeable financial reversals after Heschel matriculation. (Modest assistance may also be available for families whose income growth has not kept pace with that of tuition and other school expenses.) No funds are available for families with pre-existing needs not disclosed at the time of admission. Such undisclosed need can thus lead to student withdrawal and should be avoided at all costs. 


Q7. What if I have children at other tuition-charging schools?

A.  Other K-12 tuitions you pay are figured into our calculations of need, but in order to receive assistance from us you must apply for assistance at all schools your children attend. You should note that college tuition money is regarded as investment rather than educational expense, in that it rapidly pays for itself in higher income levels. With this in mind, both parents and students frequently take out federally subsidized loans, in addition to the direct assistance that is available at the college level. 


Q8. When would I be notified of my award?

A.Tuition assistance decisions will be communicated to returning families in February. Tuition assistance decisions for new families will be sent out in March with the admission decision.


Q9. Are educational expenses likely to change year to year?

A. Yes. The Board of Trustees sets annual tuition and fees each spring for the following year. The Board is committed to keeping tuition increases as low as possible and to ensuring that the high quality of our educational program is maintained. 


Q10. What do I do if I have additional questions?

A. Contact Amy Jamieson in our Business Office at (818) 368-5781 or amy.jamieson@heschel. com.








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