Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School - A Community Jewish Day School - Northridge, CA - Los Angeles, CA - San Fernando Valley
  • TRADITIONStudents connect with ancient traditions by taking the lulav and etrog in our community sukkah.
  • CHARACTERHeschel's Beit Midrash is a modern space where students assemble for communal prayer, song, and performances.
  • COMMUNITYThe heart of the campus, the Betty Winn Butterfly Courtyard, is a great place to share and explore ideas.
  • INSPIRATIONBudding artists are given the tools and techniques to make dreams a reality in the art room.
  • EXPLORATIONHeschel students get to build and share using the latest technologies.
  • DISCOVERYOutdoor play is where great memories and friendships are made.
  • BOYS' ATHLETICSThe Heschel Hawkeyes compete in boys' basketball, flag football, volleyball, and soccer.
  • GIRLS' ATHLETICSHawkeye Girls compete in soccer, basketball, and volleyball.
  • ACADEMICSHeschel successfully blends general studies and Judaic studies.
  • ADMISSIONClick the photo to make your gift to the Heschel Fund.
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Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School, 17701 Devonshire Street, Northridge, CA 91325 Ph: (818) 368-5781